On Air@Coast

Teens can create their own "Coast FM" radio podcast to download to CDs, iPods or send to friends. With Coast Productions, teens can also create movies, write scripts, product story boards and experience being a newsreader or music show presenter.


Strike a pose! Teens get the chance to be a cover model, catwalk model or get behind the lens as the photographer.


Learn the basics of scratching and mixing, and even get the chance to be the DJ on our dance evenings!


Dance parties, glow parties, movies for teens after dark!


Looking for a place to do just that? Activities such as internet, videos, Xboxes, PlayStations, a pool table, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band give teens the chance to chill out low key.


Hang out at the beach and take part in team games and activities, volleyball, boogie boards, soccer, football, Frisbee, snorkeling, and banana boat rides.


Watch your favorite stars while under the stars! Movie night takes place on the hotel lawn outside of Temple Orange and next to Coast.


Teens get their pick of beauty and spa treatments in their own salon. Teen girls can linger, chat, and experiment with beauty.